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  1. Summer 2022 PBA by 1891 Awards Ceremony
  2. Fort Worth F.I.R.M. Repeat as Champions
  3. New Mexico advances to Championship Game defeating Georgia

What We Do (PILTB)

Founded in 2017, 1891 focuses on bringing people together to experience endless possibility. Our goal is to create a place where basketball is not just a game but an experience; an experience that reminds us of what basketball has always been about; a coming together of people to play, to learn and to thrive.

With our ground-breaking basketball platform, James™️, we are creating a community for ballers and fans and upgrading basketball everywhere.



1891 is a social enterprise that seeks to positively impact lives through the game of basketball.

1891 exists because basketball exists.

our values

Our values are an extension of our purpose. These operating principles guide how we approach everything.

  • B-elieve that anything is possible

  • A-ssist at every opportunity

  • L-ive the game

  • L-eave it all on the court

  • O-wn your turnovers

  • U-p your skills continuously

  • T-rust your teammates


Our tenets are the anchor of our experience. It is what our customers see & feel with the 1891 brand.

  • History – We rep the past, present & future. We relive & rewrite basketball history and create folklore.

  • Authenticity – We bring originality to our work. We respect truth and practice with deep dedication to our craft.

  • Community – We are a mecca for basketball lovers. We make daily and weekly pilgrimages to the court.