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Pickup Basketball was getting flat. The air was coming out of it. Too many delays from arguments, late arrivals, bad foul calls, folks not showing up and games taking too long. You might even show up and never get to play!

That was then…this is NOW.

Named after the founder of Basketball, Dr. James Naismith, James™️, makes it easy for you find runs, meet new ballers and have your pickup stats tracked for bragging rights. High quality runs with the best competition around.

Imagine NBA 2k, but in real life!! See it to believe it. Download the app, get a run in. You’ll never play the old way again.

Organized Pickup Ball #PlayTheUpgrade


JAMES™️ platform

We have built the official basketball platform that is changing how ballers play, watch and consume basketball content. Many have tried where we are succeeding.

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We are building a community of basketball lovers across the globe and creating a space where people can connect, develop, and deepen their love for the game.

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