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  1. Summer 2022 PBA by 1891 Awards Ceremony
  2. Fort Worth F.I.R.M. Repeat as Champions
  3. New Mexico advances to Championship Game defeating Georgia

Leadership Squad


Leadership Squad


Founded in 2017, 1891 focuses on bringing people together to experience endless possibility. Our goal is to create a place where basketball is not just a game but an experience; an experience that reminds us of what basketball has always been about; a coming together of people to play, to learn and to thrive.


“COACH K” – Kurtis Greene-Richards (CEO)

The game of basketball is important in my life because many of my closest and longest friendships came through the game of basketball. I am passionate about 1891 because my deep desire is to provide this same opportunity to young ballers. I want to use the game to intervene in their lives and give them opportunities to rub shoulders with men & women who could change the trajectory of their lives. 1891 is a community, it’s a movement. It’s an opportunity. It’s a place to belong, connect and share in an experience that’s bigger than each of us. 1891 is a space that seeks to positively impact lives through basketball and encourages each of us to #ballout and be our best.


“t-handles” – thomas hardeman (CPO)

I fell in love with basketball at a very early age. Basketball was a way for my Dad and I to connect and spend quality time together. I remember going to the park when I was in middle school to play against the older kids and wishing I had the same skills as them. I would go home and practice to improve my handles. I watched nothing but Kevin Johnson tapes and I mimicked my game after him. 1891 is my dream! I went to my 2 cousins and posed the question as to why not start a business doing something we have in common and love…the rest is history. I am so passionate about 1891 because it brings people of all races and background together that love and want to play basketball. 1891 is a way of life!


“c#” – charlene L. ellis (COO)

I grew up in a household where everyone was busy. Church and my basketball games were the times that my family consistently got together. I was taught the principles of teamwork, competition and precision; key skills that are attributes of who I am today. 1891 is a company focused on people, process and technology to care for the baller that is often forgotten; the baller that plays because they love the game and nothing else. It’s a community; a culture and a way of life for ballers, fans and all those that love the game. The company is the epitome of a team who is poised and ready to win. I’m excited to be a part of something that has tremendous profit potential and infinite possibilities to positively impact lives.


“k-rich” – kerwin richards (CTO)

The game of basketball has forever forged into my heart and soul the most fond early childhood memories of laughter, tension, excitement, love and fiery passion. My parents are both basketball lovers, but between the two of them, my mother is the more fiercely passionate fan. 1891 provides a unique platform to positively impact my community by capturing the attention of a generation in order to influence their outcomes and dreams with a game that I love. 1891 is a legacy. A dream come true. An opportunity to say thank you to my parents for breathing the passion of basketball into my lungs. A responsibility to pass that same breath into the lungs of future generations to come.